Monday, April 1, 2013


I resigned my job 2 days ago, which has been a part of myself and my life for so long.
Am totally absorbed into it.

I never knew resigning from something can cause pain this sharp.

This thought of having to spend my days to come with no specific purpose, no where to go, nothing in particular to attend is extremely scaring me.

Yeah, I am a positive person. I never forget that.

Now, looking at this from a different angle(also a good one) I understood that doing a job not only gives me my economical freedom and stability, also it regularly boosts my inner self.

My job always provided me with a profound peace that at least am worth of something and that am doing something worthy.

That feeling kept me awake and also alert all the time.

I loved my job so much.
Everything started making sense now.
At times, when I could no longer cope up with the pressure of the-most-hectic journey to my work place, I desperately wanted to leave my job, but surprisingly, I never did.
No matter how troublous going to and coming from college was, I never quit my job.

May be, I knew so well, not even having to spare a thought, that I could not live well with a part of myself missing.

Am noting this to withstand this pleasure of pain.

Resignation, in my own terms is a realization.

Also am more than happy that it once more proved me that I never grow beyond refusing what my father asks me.

And as per Guruvu garu, pain inflicts when we bind ourselves to something in particular.
He says, life is sound only when we can experience God everywhere.

Who knows?! I might be doing something bigger and better.

I certainly don't know what's been waiting for me in store, but am more than willing to explore it when God lets me in 

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